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There are many factors we must take into consideration. We need to know with confidence that the individuals that provide particular services have the correct qualifications to not only provide their trade but also the integrity to finish their portion of the project.  As we progress these trades are called upon to provide their particular service to a customer’s home, as we are not on the hunt for any subcontractors to just toss into someone’s home, we have to ensure the end result is correct and safe for the homeowner. There is no trade we use that will leave a customers home in the middle of the project just to go and start another person’s job, if they need another day or two to finish up where they are they will stay until it is done, just as they will stay at your job until they are done, even though it may take an additional day or so.

Good afternoon,

I am responding to an email that I believe was sent to the wrong individual. Jeff Fresch is a consultant, who is unable to respond directly with any authority for Kopke Remodeling and Design in regards to a resolution of your request.  
I have read over your email and would request dates, and copies of any documents that are derived from defective floor repairs, and information regarding Kopke being unable or unwilling to service the cabinet doors. 
To be clear, I will sit with my staff this week and review our email ledger, times and dates of customer direct contact to determine the outcome of your request for monies owed. 
All communication is to come to me directly, from here on out.
Thank you,